• Ishola A. SALAMI University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria


The major challenge facing mathematics learning is the poor academic achievement of the learners in it. This has led to teachers and other mathematics scholars, most especially at primary school level, to think of faster and easier ways of getting correct answers to mathematics questions. Some of these ways work like a magic and the procedures lack logically arranged steps. One of the major rationales behind making Mathematics compulsory in basic education is to develop logical thinking skills in the learners. Evidence abound that there is little or no traces of logical thinking and problem-solving skills in the socio-economic decisions taken by Nigerian leaders in particular and the citizen in general. This paper trace this problem to the mathematics operations taught at primary level of education and the omission of basic mathematics course in many programmes in post-secondary education in the country. The paper also justify the power of Mathematics to instil logical thinking into the learners through the procedures which is being represented with a model named ‘If …, then … Model of Mathematics Teaching’. It is on this Basis that recommendations were proffered to ensure the development of logical thinking and problem-solving skills in the citizenry.

Key words: Mathematics knowledge and skill; Mathematics procedure; Logical thinking; If, then .. model


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